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Q: Who is UStaff?

A: We’re the fastest growing job-matching website for food-service and hospitality professionals.


Q: Who uses UStaff?

A: Employers of all varieties; restaurant owners, caterers, hotels, country clubs, hospitals, schools, public institutions.


A wide variety of job-seekers access UStaff as well; executive chefs, sous chefs, kitchen managers, line cooks, dishwashers, bartenders and so many more.


Q: How does it work?

A: Job-seekers create free profiles. The process takes about 2 minutes and captures their unique skills, project experience, travel preferences and more.


Employers sign-up for free and tell us about the kind of people they regularly hire. It takes about a minute. Then they can see anonymous profiles of job-seekers that match their needs. When they see a profile they like, they can “Unlock” the profile for one credit. Once the profile is unlocked, the employer can see the job-seeker’s name, email and phone number.


Q: What's the cost?

A: There’s no cost to job-seekers. It’s absolutely free to create a profile.


Companies pay a small fee to unlock the profile information of a matching job-seeker.


Q: What do you mean by anonymous profile?

A: We know that talented people are often fully employed when they’re considering their next opportunity. So we ask job-seekers up front if they’d like their profile to be visible to employers. If they say no, we use email to put opportunities in front of them. If they say yes, we still NEVER allow a job-seeker’s profile to be seen by their current employer. It’s a really safe way for people to look for their next opportunity.


Q: Do you have jobs in my city?

A: We’re new, so our network is still growing. Thousands of new job-seekers are signing up every month. So, if you don’t see the people in the city you need, keep checking back. If you’re a job-seeker and you haven’t heard from an employer yet, be patient. We’ll likely be in your neck of the woods soon.

Q: How do I pay an employee?

A: It's entirely up to you. The worker is a freelancer so you can pay them via check, direct deposit or any way you choose.


Q: How much does a membership cost?

A: Pricing is based on the size of your business and the number of employees you have. Contact us to learn more.


Q: How do I deal with a bad employee?

A: With UStaff, you have the control whether or not that employee comes back to your location. If they're not a fit simply choose another as many times as you like until the right match happens.

Q: How do I get paid for the work I do?

A: You and the employer will negotiate your price and you will be paid for the hours you work directly by the employer.


Q: Do I need to pay a membership fee?

A: There is never a membership fee to activate a membership and post a profile.


Q: How do I deal with a bad employer?

A: It's simple, you are in control of who you work for, report any issues to UStaff and don’t return there for work again.

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